Gaby Carias Tucker is a well recognized and acclaimed underwater photographer from Venezuela, and one of the most distinguished PADI Diving Instructors in the region.

Founder of Caribbean Reef, where she serves as Diving Instructor, Travel Guide, and Professional Photographer around the world. Her travels have taken her to Aruba, Bahamas, Belize, Bonaire, Coiba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Florida, Galapagos, Guadalupe, Indonesia, Malpelo, Palau, Philippines, Revillagigedo, Riviera Maya, Roatan, Saba, Venezuela, to name a few.

Gaby has been awarded prestigious underwater photography prizes from Margarita’s Marine Museum, Ascenso Festival, and Spain’s Aquae Foundation.

She has served as Photographic Coordinator for Rio Verde Magazine, and is currently Photographic Coordinator and Staff Member of Explora Magazine in Venezuela.

Gaby not only is a Professional Underwater Photographer, but she also ventures into Nature and Wildlife Photography as well. These photographs have adorned and been exhibited in books, newspapers, and numerous scientific magazines and research journals in Venezuela, Panama, Japan, Mexico, and Spain.

In several occasions, she has served as judge of important photographic contests both in Venezuela and Bonaire. Gaby Carias is an activist, and a great influence in the environmental field of Venezuela. Her photos have been used in environmental educational programs for non-governmental organizatioc (NGO), museums, and universities.

She is devoted to promote the conservation of our ecosystems and fauna through her photographs, and has been collaborator, researcher, and photographer for important scientific projects.

Within the last couple of years, she has exhibited her work in galleries both in Venezuela and Miami.

Her biggest challenge is to find the balance between nature and art, where it allows the viewer to get immersed, captivated and transported to the place where the photograph was taken.

Her goal is to continue her professional growth in the areas of scientific underwater research and environmental photography, promoting the education and conservation of the environment through her photographs.

By Alberto Blanco Davila